Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes?

Woman's hand holding Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes? hardcover book

Our co-founder Keith has written a book on eye nutrition!

It’s available as a Kindle ebook as well as in paperback and hardback!

Also available in LARGE PRINT – perfect for those who struggle with normal size print!

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From the back cover:

Eyes and vision not what they used to be?

Suffer from macular degeneration? Dry eyes? Glaucoma?

Too much screen time?

Have you ever wondered if an “eye vitamin” could help?

Your eyes are precious – from playing golf to reading your favourite book, your vision affects practically everything you do.
This book examines the research on nutrition and natural remedies for eye health and eye disease.
Fully referenced, easy to read and easy to find the information you need, this book answers the question you have been asking – “What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes?”

About the Author:

Keith Ngan MRPharmS is an accomplished pharmacist with over 20 years experience and a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He studied at the prestigious School of Pharmacy (now part of University College London) in London’s Brunswick Square.

He is co-founder of Intelligent Formula – maker of Vision Defender eyecare supplements. Keith developed an interest in eye nutrition after close family members developed various eye conditions which could benefit from nutritional supplementation. This, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical sector, led him to start Intelligent Formula – and now Keith and his family takes Vision Defender every day for better eye health!

Help! What Vitamins Should I Take for My Eyes? book in hardback, and ebook on tablet and smartphone